Deathbowl XII: Results

Deathbowl Standings:

1. Dan Chaput            – Skaven (Tournament Champion)
2. Manuel Leclerc       – Orc (2nd Place)
3. Glenn Jones           – Chaos Pact (3rd Place)
4. Joe Michaud           – Undead (Most Casualties with 15 & Rising Star)
5. Alex Weiss             – Amazon
6. Greg Shelton          – Lizardmen (Most Sporting & Best Team)
7. Rob Keefe              – Human
8. Marc-Andre R         – Skaven (Most TD’s with 14)
9. Leathan Keillar       – Lizardmen
10.Peter Meers           – Necromantic
11.Austin Shelton       – Lizardmen
12.Chris Wilson          – Dark Elf (Golden Ass)
13.Rod Davidson        – Orc
14.Mark Dagostino      – Norse
15.Pat Gilbert             – Dwarf
16.Mark Hickling         – Goblin
17.Kohl Hedley           – Human (Best Defence with 0 TD’s allowed)
18.Gord Macdougal     – Dark Elf
19.Trever Meers         – Orc
20.Colin Keillar           – Goblin

A few things of note from the tournament that I felt could be mentioned: Only 2 points separated 1-6th place, 4th & 5th place were only a half point off of the podium with 4th place having the tie breaker advantage. TD’s was decided in the final round of the tournament as Rob’s humans had a slight lead before Marc-Andre put up 7 TD’s in his final game! Joe managed to maintain a slight lead in the CAS battle staying 2 ahead for most of the tournament. Most sporting was highly contested with 3 people in the running within 1 point of each other for being ‘Da Nice Guy’. All around a great event to be a part of and just hoping everyone enjoyed it as much as we did running it!

Hope to see you all soon at a tournament in the near future, thanks again!


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