Challenge of Q’ermitt IX

The Challenge of Q’ermitt IX
April 26th and 27th, 2014

I am going to be posting a link with full rules later, but here is a quick recap of the rules for the tournament:

*All teams will be created to a maximum value of 1,250,000.

*Teams must be created using the rules of the most current LRB (I.e. the C.R.A.P. rulebook)
*Players may not spend more than 150,000 on skills (see detailed rules under team creation)
*Goblin teams (not Underworld) may take bribes at a cost of 50K
*Halfling teams may take the Master Chef at a cost of 100K
*Star players may be purchased during the team creation phase at the listed cost

It will be a League Style tournament
As a league style tournament all aspects of league play will be implemented, SPPs, cash, etc.

Team creation
Please see the full rules for team creation in the “Comprehensive Rules” section in the tournament rulebook. Follow the link, starting with my signature at the bottom.

Remember also, that Star Players may be purchased at the time of team creation at their listed cost. They can be improved through accumulation of SPPs through tournament play but will have a pre-set number of SPPs that they begin with, depending on how many skills they would have already gained.

Any Star Players that begin with a team DO NOT have the Loner skill, as they have been playing with the team since their rookie days.

There can only be one of any given Star Player, so the first coach to tell me (through PM) that they are wanting to buy a particular Star Player will be the only one who can purchase that Star. I will be updating this first post as time goes on to indicate which Stars are no longer available.

Preregistration draw
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
Best Team
Most TDs
Most Cas
Best Smack-Talk
Most Entertaining (an alteration of the Most Sporting award)
Best Custom Board (a possibility)

Ticket price still $35 (+$5 for staying over/breakfast)

Due to space limitations, there will be a cap of 20 people for this tournament. Therefore it is suggested to pay early!

People Attending:
Clan-Skaven (Odd Man Out)

Look forward to seeing you out there!

Star Players Bought (and no longer available)

Stunty Cup

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