Capital City Kick-Off 2014

Kick-off the new year in the nations capital with the return of the CCKO!!! Lots of fun will be had, as well as the return of the much loved/hated SKILLS DRAFT!!! Who will get to pick first?!?

This tournament is part of the East Coast Grand Prix (ECGP)…

January 25-26, 2014

$40-NAF members, $50- Non-NAF members (with $10 going towards NAF membership sign-up).

You can pre-register here

6-games of Blood Bowl being played over two days (4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday). Swiss-style match-ups after game 1. With the famed SKILLS DRAFT after game 3. Tournament points are W/T/L – 3/1/0

PDF Rulest


Day One:

09:00-09:15      Registration

09:15-09:30      Match-up Announcements

09:30-11:45      Game 1

11:45-12:45      Lunch (included)

12:45-15:00      Game 2

15:00-15:15      Break

15:15-17:45      Game 3

17:45-18:45      Draft & Dinner (included)

18:45-21:00     Game 4


Day Two:

09:00-11:15      Game 5

11:15-11:30      Break

11:30-13:45      Game 6

13:45-14:00      Calculating Results, Best Painted Voting & Lunch (included)

14:00                Awards & Closing Ceremony


1.1mil team build to start. Each coach must purchase a minimum of 11 players. You may also purchase re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders and apothecaries. No skills or stat increases of any kind may be purchased.

No inducements may be purchased unless you are the coach of a “Stunty” team. Stunty teams include; Halfling, Goblin, Ogre and Underworld (without Skaven), and Lizardmen (without Saurus) teams. Stunty teams may purchase 0-1 Star Players, but must purchase 11 players before they can purchase any Star Player. Goblin teams may purchase bribes and Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef, all as per standard CRP/LRB6.0 rules.

Each team may choose between one of two skills packages after team creation. You may choose either:
• 5 regular skills
• 2 regular skills + 2 doubles skills

As well, to promote race diversity, certain races are given additional skills. The following races get additional skills as listed:

• Chaos, Chaos Pact, High Elves, Elves, Humans, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann:1 additional regular skill
• Halflings, Goblins, Ogres, Vampires, Underworld: 1 additional regular skill + 1 additional doubles skill

There is a 0-2 cap on any skill during team creation, meaning no skill may be taken more than twice during the team creation stage. As well, no player may receive more than one skill upgrade during team creation. Star players are not allowed to recieve any upgrades, they are stars and are good enough already.

The following awards are available to be won. A maximum of one performance award can be won by any coach.

  • Tournament Champion – Awarded to the coach with the most tournament points
  • Second Place – Awarded to the coach with the second most tournament points
  • Third Place – Awarded to the coach with the third most tournament points
  • Most Violent – Awarded to the coach who caused the most casulaties from blocking
  • Best Offence – Awarded to the coach that scored the most number of touchdowns
  • Best Team – Awarded to the coach who recieved the most number of votes for Best Team (T.O. is the tie-breaking vote)
  • Mr. Nice Guy – Awarded to the coach who recieved the highest amount of sportsmanship points from his opponents

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CCKO 2014 Skills Draft

After the third game, there will be a skills draft where coaches may select new skills/improvements. A coach may only select improvements which are accessible to their race through standard skill selection (ie normal, doubles or stat increase rolls on the improvement table). No player may gain more than two skills/improvements during the tournament.

Each coach will be given 45 seconds to pick a skill/improvement. If the coach does not pick within that time, they lose their spot and the next coach picks.  The coach will get to pick a skill at the end of the round rather than at their selection time. Each coach may pick one skill/improvement per round. There will be four rounds in the draft; therefore each coach will select four skills/improvements.

The draft order will be seeded by tournament position at the end of play after the third game. Only tournament points from gaming will be used to determine ranking. The team with the lowest ranking will pick first and the other coaches will follow in reverse ranking order, i.e. first place will chose last, and last place will chose first in each and every round. The draft order will be the same for each round.

For each 12 players, or part thereof, there will be one full set of skills and improvements available for the draft.  Because of the limited number of skills available during the draft, the lower ranked coaches will have a better chance to select the more sought after skills, (i.e. stat increases, block, dodge, guard), while the higher ranked coaches will be forced to choose less common skills.  The result of this will hopefully give the lower ranked coaches a chance to make their way back up the ranks, and also result in less common skills combinations being selected.

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