Brewhouse Bowl Info

$25, additional $10 for non-NAF members going towards NAF membership sign-up.


– Swiss-style match-ups after game 1.
– Bash rounds after game 1, 2, and 3.
– Tournament points are W/T/L – 3/1/0
– Tiebreakers will be strength of schedule followed by TDs scored.

– Illegal procedures will not be called throughout the tournament.
– The 4 minute turn limit will not be specifically enforced throughout the tournament. There is however a strict time limit for each game. If an official believes that a game will not be completed within the allotted time they may enforce the 4 minute rule.

– 24 NAF sanctioned teams are eligible.
– Teams get 1.1 million gold to construct their roster.
– Star players can be purchased as part of a roster, but only after 11 roster players have been purchased. (In the case that opposing teams hire the same star, both teams will be allowed to use the player. )
– Teams must play with a minimum of 11 players.
– Teams can purchase Rerolls, apothecaries (if allowed), coaches, cheerleaders or fan factor.
– Teams may also include bribes as part of the roster as per the standard inducement cost.
– Chefs can only be purchased by halfling teams.
– No other inducements may be purchased (including wizards, cards, extra apothecaries, mercenaries, etc).

– Teams can select one of the following skill packages:

– 6 regular skills OR,
– 4 regular skills, 1 double skill OR,
– 2 regular skills, 2 double skills.

– Stars cannot be given skills.
– One player can be given one skill.
– Each skill can be given to a maximum of two players per team (so 2 Guard is ok, 3 is not).

Bash Rounds:

Original rules set can be found here:

– Coaches will select a different player from their team roster for each Bash round
– The same player cannot brawl more than once as local authorities have been made aware of rowdy players smashing up pubs in the area
– Each pub will have 5 players in it with T.O. filling in if necessary.
-Each pub will produce a single winner that will be able to select from the 3 rewards on a first come, first served order to encourage fast play and quick thinking.
– If player won previous BB game -1 to heath total, as they have been drinking their faces off in celebration.

– The winning brawler(s) will receive permanent bonuses for the remainder of the tournament:

– The winner of round 1 will be able to gain one fan factor, add a cheerleader, or assistant coach to their roster for free for the rest of the tourney.

-The winner of round 2 will be able to add a bribe, babe, or wandering apothecary to their roster for free for the rest of the tourney.

-The winner of round 3 will be able to select a normal skill, double, or stat increase with no TV adjustment required.





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