Spiked Shoe Cup 2017 (replacement for Foul Frenzy)

Change of Q’ermitt

Challenge of Q’ermitt has been rebranded as Q’ermitt Bowl and moved to Niagara.

Q’ermitt Bowl Registration

For registration and information, contact greg24shelton@hotmail.com or SewerRat on the NAF forum.

Q’ermitt Bowl

The Q’ermitt Bowl (formally the Challenge of Q’ermitt ) is a rebirth of the Tournament in the new location of Niagara Falls. Just as it […]

Canadian Open 2017 Registration

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION just send appropriate payment via either EMT or Paypal (gift) to thecanadianopen@gmail.com – more at the door. COST Individual Event (ie. 1 […]

Canadian Open 2017 Sponsors

The Canadian Open is extremely grateful to our generous sponsors for 2017 helping us to provide amazing prize support for the tournament. Fabio at Gaspez-Arts […]

Canadian Open 2017 Venue

Our venue for the 14th iteration of the Canadian Open is Dufferin St. Baptist Church. We are playing in the basement. Please email thecanadianopen@gmail.com if you are interested […]

Canadian Open 2017 Information

12 tournaments have seen champions crowned – it’s time for a new beginning! This year we are having two 1 day tournaments and the coach […]

Brew Haus Bowl 2016 BLOktoberfest!

Canadian Open 2016 – Stimme Photos