Blingtoof’s Gitbash: 2013 Photos

Meet Your 2013 Coaches

coach_01_cbaginski71Chris (cbaginski71) playing Goblins
coach_02_stimmeAlex (Stimme) playing Khemri
coach_03_mellis1164Mark (mellis1164) playing Goblins
coach_04_frostmaneKevin (frostmane) playing High Elves
coach_05_doomingtonDave (Doomington) playing Dwarfs
coach_06_peter_meersPete (Peter_Meers) playing Dark Elves
coach_07_hitonagashiJoe (Hitonagashi) playing Lizardmen
coach_08_kikurasisMathew (Kikurasis) playing Slann
coach_09_tlawsonTim (tlawson) playing Vampires
coach_10_andyinjapanRob (andyinjapan) playing Orcs
coach_11_clan_skavenRod (Clan_Skaven) playing Skaven
coach_12_bobb81Cara (Bobb81) playing Lizardmen
coach_13_fevinLindsay (fevin) playing Chaos Dwarfs
coach_14_genghisKen (genghis) playing Orcs

Tournament Photos

tourney_01_underwayBlingoof 2013 at Hammercon is underway!
tourney_02_liz_vs_slannHemlock is fixin’ to stab a frog!
tourney_03_poor_thrallThat is one unlucky Thrall
tourney_04_vamps_dugoutTough day at the office for the Vampires
tourney_05_liz_vs_dePete’s Dark Elves vs. Joe’s Lizardmen
tourney_06_gob_vs_gobLess than 11 players (with no Trolls) total line up when Goblins collide
tourney_07_one_thrallThe Vampires only were able to line up one Thrall on this drive. Eeesh…
tourney_08_skaven_dugoutRod’s Skaven had a rough time vs. Chris’ Goblins

The Awards!

coach_05_doomingtonTournament winner: Dave (Dwarf) with 3 wins and a tie
Sorry, Dave; the picture of you with the trophy didn’t seem to be captured
IMG_0789Best Fouler: Chris (Goblin) – 113 Fouling Points (15 stuns, 15 KOs, 17 casualties)
IMG_0790Most TDs: Alex (Khemri) – 8 TDs with +6 net TDs
IMG_0791Most Casualties (blocking): Mark (Goblin) – 12 casualties
IMG_0792Best Team: Chris (Goblin) – The Wasabi Peas
IMG_0793Best Sport: Cara (Bobb81) – Lizardmen

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Blingtoof’s Gitbash: 2012 Photos

Please enjoy this gallery of photos from Blingtoof’s Gitbash 2012:

Podium Finishers

Tournament Winner: Colin Keilar *AND* most touch-downs (4 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie; 12 TDs) with his “Commie Rats” Skaven team

Best Fouler: Rod Davidson with 76 points (12 stuns, 10 KOs, and 11 casulaties all from fouling)

Most Casulaties (blocking): Mark Hickling with 15

Best Team (Painting, Theme, & Presentation): Tristan McKerracher’s “Insane Goblin Posse”

Wooden Spoon: Peter Meers

Other Awards

  • Troll Bowl Champion: Alex Matusiak
  • Best Sport: Mark D’Agostino

Tournament Photos

Alex AKA apartment42 playing Amazons.

Rod AKA Clan-Skaven playing Chaos.

Dave AKA Doomington playing Skaven.

Mark AKA Dwarfrunner playing Halflings.

Eric AKA Eric.R. playing High Elves.

Kevin AKA frostmane playing Orcs.

Gord AKA gmacd playing Norse.

Mathew AKA Kikruasis playing Undead.

Manual AKA Manz62 playing Orcs.

Tristan AKA natsirtm playing JUGGALO Goblins.

Pete AKA peter_meers playing Goblins.

Colin AKA runki_khrum playing Skaven.

Alex AKA Stimme playing Goblins.

Mark AKA Zap_Rowsdower playing Chaos Dwarfs.

Alex’s Amazons vs. Kevin’s Orcs.

Eric isn’t having fun yet. At least it’s only round 1.

Colin’s Skaven vs. Gord’s Norse.

Juggalo Troll!!!

Eric’s High Elves seem more interested in sun-tanning than playing Blood Bowl.

Goblins vs. Undead. Yeah, THAT’S fair!

Pete should win best sport for this shirt alone.

The sticky goblin on Eric’s High Elf team.

All these players were ejected for fouling in the game Rod played against Mark D.

Even High Elves fail on 1s.

Pete’s shirt even makes time & space warp.

Rod is disappointed that he got a blocking casualty.

Not looking good for Kikurasis’ Ghoul.

Top table in round 2: Mark Hickling’s Chaos Dwarfs vs. Mark D’Agostino’s Halflings.

Norse vs. Orcs in round 2.

Juggalo Ball & Chain Fanatic. WOOP WOOP!!!

Eric is gunning for most TDs with another 4-0 win.

Blingtoof Picnic with what looks like a young James Hetfield.

Friggin’ goblins can’t spell anything right.

Gord manned up and ate his Goblin Shaman card to get 2 raffle tickets.

Pete’s magic trousers on the left: Good. Rod’s exposed side-meat on the right: Not so much.

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