Foul Frenzy: August 19th, 2017


Foul Frenzy (formerly “Blingtoof’s Gitbash” is truly the most FOUL Blood Bowl Tournament there is. Run by a band of goblins under the leadership of the infamous Blingtoof, the Foul Frenzy rewards dirty play by deeming the person who has done the most fouling to finish in second place, regardless of win/loss record. Come on out to The Coach & Lantern on Saturday August 19th, 2017 with your kicking boots for four games of foul-fueled mayhem!

CLICK HERE for the 2017 rules document (PDF).

Congratulations to Alex “Stimme” Weiss (2016 Tournament Champion) and Tim “tlawson” Lawson (2016 Best Fouler… for the THREE-PEAT).

Stimme (2015 & 2016 Tournament Champion) & tlawson (2014, 2015, and 2016 Best Fouler)

Rules Overview

Foul Frenzy is a tournament themed entirely around fouling. Please download the 2017 Tournament Rules PDF for full details and most recent rules but here are some highlights of what the tournament is all about.

Chris Bagisnki’s WASABI PEAS was the first Goblin team to win the “Best Fouler” award at the 2013 Gitbash.

Team Creation Highlights

  • All teams may have as many standard Goblins (i.e. not Secret Weapons) on their roster as they like. It is acceptable to have no Goblins on your team.
  • Coaches will create a rookie team at 1,100K Team Value using the Competition Rules Pack (CRP) and NAF Tournament Rules v1.3. Slann, Chaos Pact, and Underworld teams are also allowed. Fan Factor may not be purchased during team creation. A team’s Fan Factor is equal to the number of Goblins it has on the team’s roster.
  • Teams may add skills to their rostered players per the Team Race chart below. Teams may not acquire the same skill more than three times.
  • Per the Team Race chart below, only Tier 4 teams may add 0-2 Star Players to their rosters.
Team Race Normal Skills Double Skills Max. Added Skills Per Player
Tier 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, or Wood Elf 2 1 1
Tier 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Pro Elf 4 1 1
Tier 3: Slann, Underworld, or Vampire 4 2 2
Tier 4: Goblin, Halfling, or Ogre 4 3 2
SPECIAL OPTION: For the Love of FOULING! (any team race) Three of your race’s default Lineman position players receive the Dirty Player and Sneaky Git skills. This option may be taken instead of any of the options listed above.

* NOTE: Tier 1 teams may not take the Leader skill.

Stunty Team Bonuses

  • Goblin teams may purchase 0-3 bribes as permanent roster additions at a cost of 50K each instead of 100k each.
  • Dirty Player is considered a Normal skill for Goblin Players on Goblin teams.
  • Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef for 100K as permanent roster additions.

Tournament Special Rules

  • Yer Not Ded: This will be a resurrection-style tournament (i.e. rosters reset at the beginning of each round).
  • I Forgotted: Goblins never expect anyone to remember anything. The “Illegal Procedure” rule will not be used.
  • Cheet to Win: Once per half, you may try and sneak a Goblin Player on to the pitch from the Reserve Box. Check the 2017 Tournament Rules PDF for full details.
  • Kikkum Inna Beenz: There will be a special award for the coach that fouls the most effectively. During each round, coaches should track the number of Stun, Knock-Out, and Casualty results that they achieve via fouling. Coaches will receive one fouling point for a stun, two fouling points for a Knock-Out, and four fouling points for a Casualty. Whether or not players are ejected for fouling doesn’t matter.
  • Home Feeld Udvantij: If you are playing your game on a Foul Frenzy or Blingtoof’s Gitbash FF-Fields pitch that you own you may increase your Fan Factor by 1. This does not increase your overall Team Value. If both coaches bring such a pitch both teams receive this bonus. You can purchase your own Foul Frenzy pitch from FF-Fields today!

A Foul Frenzy picnic taken at the 2012 tournament.
No matter how often I look at this picture it makes me laugh every time

To stay in touch please follow the tournament on Twitter at @FOULFRENZY for updates.

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