4 Nations Cup – What is that?

Oh la la ! Mais oui ! Bonjour !

A Blood Bowl tourney in a French neighborhood? Yes sir! Oui monsieur !

It’s the Four Nations Cup! To be held at Le Chevalier gaming store, located at 516 Boul. Lacombe, Repentigny J5Z 1P6 (20 minutes East of downtown Montreal), on October 5 and 6.

Popol le Bleu is the official wizard of the Ligue des Quatre Nations, our tabletop league. Having fizzled a couple of fireballs lately, he was estranged from many of our teams, who’d rather hire the famous Perry «The Wizard» Lamarre (ask for the inside at the tourney…!)

Wanting revenge, he decided to put on the Four Nations Cup, where he plan to wreck havoc on the pitch!

Here are the rules for this NAF sanctionned tourney: 

– Five games of Blood Bowl, Swiss style, on two days and fun to remember all your life! 
– CRP rules;
– All CRP teams, plus three additional approved teams for NAF play;
– Painted teams only (though no points for painting them… but make an effort!)

– 115 Starting TV, minimum of 11 players, Star players, Apo and skills (bought at regular price) allowed; 
– No limitations on number of REGULAR skills per player (no doubles!!) at start of tourney;
– On last rule: that means if you want a Mighty Blow, Piling On, Guard, Grab, Tackle human blitzer on your team, you can. But he needs to fit within 115 TV;
– This a resurrection tourney, but players value increase with skills;
– Inducements possible (because of value increase);

– Popol le Bleu, estranged wizard of the Four Nations League, is mad and wants to disturb the league’s first tourney, hence he’ll be available to each team for one use throughout the tourney (meaning: everybody gets one use of a wizard whenever he wants during the tourney); 
– After each game, each coach selects a player on his team, than roll on the skill increase table;

– If you arrive before the scheduled start time you will receive a small reward for each day 
– Saturday will give you a skill change, usable after either one of the Saturday games (you thought Tackle would be usefull on that lineman but would rather go with Block instead? Go ahead!);
– Sunday will give you 2 free fan factors

– 1ST , 2ND , 3RD
– Most TD’s
– Best Defense
– Most CAS’s
– Best team
– Most sporting
– Tourney MVP: after each game, you select an opposing player who was the MVP of the game. At the end of tourney, players who get the most votes wins this.

– There will be no overtime, all games finish after the 16 turns EXCEPT FOR GAME #1 OF ROUND #5. This one needs a winner.
– CRP rule for OT, except that receiving team sets up first

– 4 minute turns
– Swiss style pairing throughout the weekend
– Game play points: Win 3, Tie 1, Loss 0
– Tie breaker:
Direct game vs
TD for
TD against
CAS for
CAS against

How much will it cost? 
It will cost you 50 $ for the tourney. What do you get for this amount? Here:

– NAF membership if you are not already one;
– Fun;
– NAF dice;
– More fun;
– Lunch and soft drinks/water for both days;
– The chance to meet geeks like me, Bisons Després (Chris) and the one and only Popol le Bleu (Rich);
– Did I mention fun?
– A custom-made Popol le Bleu wizard miniature sculpted by internationaly reknown Pedro Ramos (picture in next post);
– And a few prizes / surprises.

– Your painted team;
– Pitch, dice, pencil, clean clothes!
– Glue and paints to repair some nicks and chips;

If you have any question or want to register: freddaigle75 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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